About Aman Architecture

Aman Architecture LLC is focused on the architectural and lifestyle goals of every client, known for combining thoughtful, custom design with spatial innovation and social responsibility. The AA team generates architecture and interior design that is functional, beautiful, and sustainable. Aman Architecture’s work has been profiled in The New York Times and New York Magazine, as well as in the online publications Curbed, Urban Omnibus, Metropolis, and Archpaper, and in the book Apartment Living.

The Aman Architecture team undertakes a collaborative approach with each project. The collaboration extends to the clients, of course, but also to the engineers, contractors and consultants we work with. But whether it’s designing an existing space or envisioning a new one, context is the cornerstone of each project. Under the guidance of Heather Aman, the team strives to respect historic integrity while embracing the current architectural principles. AA shuns the rigid particulars of style in favor of an architecture that is highly customized to the client’s design objectives and to the unique features of the physical site. The results are remarkable and distinctive spaces.

At AA, we approach every project as the unique set of conditions that it is. Each client arrives with their own vision for their property including functional requirements and aesthetic inclinations. The most challenging part of the architectural process is combining that vision with our own expertise to create a coherent, singular design. For Aman, this is the best and most exciting part of architecture. She participates fully in the design process with each client.

Heather Aman received her Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University. She is a registered architect in New York State and a member of the American Institute of Architects and the Architectural League. In addition to her LEED accreditation and Passive House Design certification, Heather is also a member of the New York Green Building Council.

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